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Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce by TonKen

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Hot Sauce

TonKen's Seychelles Creole Spices & Condiments

Heat levels: Extra Hot! 

Origin: Noosa, Queensland

Sweet and full-bodied tomato sauce with a delayed action hotness which will hit the back of your throat. 

This sauce has no preservative, is gluten free and vegan friendly. All natural.
It has added raw cane sugar to make it sweet.

Serving suggestion: 
It is to be tasted like a very hot chilli jam, a beautiful sweet and hot accompaniment to cheese or to a mild curry. A nice topping to a burger or any meats.

Tomatoes, Raw Sugar, Chilli, Onion, Vinegar, Garlic, Lime, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Rock Salt

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