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Reaper's Ghost Sauce by Chilli Seed Bank

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Chilli Seed Bank

Chilli Seed Bank concocted Reaper's Ghost Sauce with the biggest chilli freaks in mind... It's an adaptation of our 'Ghost Pepper' sauce, but even hotter, made especially for a customer who wanted us to make a sauce "as hot as it gets" ... And now it's available to all, for a limited time only.

Made with our triple pressed Carolina Reaper puree, Reaper's Ghost unapologetically highlights the world's hottest chilli. Tropical fruit accentuates the sweet and fresh undertones of the Carolina Reaper, but will only momentarily mask the killer reaper heat.

Not for the weak!

Heat level  Extremely Hot! 10/10
Origin Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia
Chillies used Carolina Reaper chillies, Birdseye chillies
Ingredients Carolina Reaper chillies, Birdseye chillies, Fruit, Vinegar, Salt, Citric acid, Australian bush spices, Herbs.

Dietary information Vegan friendly.

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