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Reaper's BBQ Sauce by Chilli Seed Bank

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Chilli Seed Bank

Our Reaper's BBQ Sauce delivers an authentic, rich barbecue flavour, coupled with our triple-pressed Carolina Reaper puree to deliver blistering heat.

Deliciously dark, smooth and thick, we truly believe this is the best BBQ sauce on the market with an unrivaled depth of flavour. This sauce is highly versatile and can be used as a marinade, for basting, as a condiment or even a simple (but very hot!) dipping sauce.

Heat level  Extremely Hot! 10/10
Origin Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia
Chillies used Carolina Reaper chillies, Scorpion chillies
Ingredients Carolina Reaper, Scorpion Chilli, Tomato, Molasses, Brown sugar, Maple syrip, Apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, Mustard, Salt, Garlic, Pepper.

Dietary information Vegan friendly.

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