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Lime Chilli Sauce by TonKen

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Hot Sauce

TonKen's Seychelles Creole Spices & Condiments

Heat levels: Extremely Hot! 

Origin: Noosa, Queensland

This is a zesty full-bodied and strong lime-flavoured sauce which has been reduced to concentrate the lime flavour, similarly to a lime pickle chilli sauce. 

This sauce has no added sugar or preservative, is gluten free and vegan friendly. All natural.

Serving suggestion: 
Use to accompany any meal or add some to a mild tomato-base curry to make it taste like a limey vindaloo.
Add to a tomato sauce to make a sweet-and-sour dipping sauce. It will also give a lift to a marinade or dressing.

Chilli, Lime, Vinegar, Salt.

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