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C4 by Hellfire Bay Hot Sauce

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Hot Sauce

Hellfire Bay Hot Sauce

Heat Level:  Extremely hot! 

Origin: Hellfire Bay, Western Australia. 

C4 is an extremely hot sauce made for those people who love the super hot chillies. C4 has a mixture of Ghost chillies, 7 pots scorpions, Butch T and Moruga scorpions and Carolina Reapers! All varieties are open pollenated.

This sauce is a traditional style of hot sauce. The mash has been fermented in an oak barrel for 6 months, giving it a beautiful flavour that you can taste before the heat kicks in. C4 is a limited small batch that appears every six and a half months.

C4 has a heat rating of 12+/10. Please take caution when consuming it!

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