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La Mexicana Hot Sauce by Son of a Taco

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Hot Sauce

Son of a Taco

La Mexicana puts together a unique flavour inspired from “salsa roja’, a Mexican traditional recipe. It's made out of 3 different chillies and its tangy flavour is a blend of tamarind, chilli and spices. It's certainly a 'must try' and its spiciness level makes it kid-friendly. Kind of!

Heat level   Hot 6/10
Origin Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia
Chillies used Jalapeno, Pasilla, Arbol
Ingredients Jalapeño chili, Pasilla chili, árbol chilli, Tomato, Vinegar, Salt, Oregano, Sugar.
Dietary information Vegan-friendly, Preservative-free, Gluten-free
Serving suggestions

Once you try it on corn chips, you and your family won't stop devouring it until it's empty! The flavour is similar to a Mexican red sauce which makes it really good on tacos and any other hot sauce friendly Mexican food.

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