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Jamaican Jerk Sauce by BonPussy

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Hot Sauce


Heat level: Hot.  

Origin: Handmade in Perth, Western Australia

Unique! Jerk Spice is Jamaica's national flavour!
Made with scotch bonnet peppers and fresh lime and herbs. It is a hot sauce, well balanced with the lime and herbs. The spices are roasted to give an authentic Jamaican Jerk flavour.  We advise anyone that requires a "milder jerk" to combine it with yogurt to make an amazing marinade.

Serving suggestions: 
We use it to create barbecue Jerk Chicken, Pork and Fish. Marinate tofu, add to burger mixes and to gravies and stews. Use as condiment, excellent on grilled tomatoes and meats. It is excellent on wedges, roast sweet potato and pumpkin. 

In Fremantle, it is being used in Bloody Mary cocktails! 

Onion, Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Rice bran oil, Herbs, Spices.

100% Natural made with Local Ingredients. Gluten Free. Sugar Free. Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly.

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