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Hot Ones Challenge Mystery Box

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Hot Sauce Mystery Box

House of Scoville

The perfect selection of hot sauces to recreate a hot sauce challenge at home or at work, similar to the Hot Ones YouTube show!

In this mystery box, you will receive 5 hot sauces ranging from Mild to Extremely Hot so you and your friends can test and compare your tolerance to the chilli burn!

Who is this hot sauce box for?

  • For those dreaming of being interviewed on the Hot Ones show, but know that's probably not going to happen (this is the best next alternative!)
  • For those looking to compete with friends, family, colleagues and settle the question of who can take more heat
  • For those looking for a wide variety of heat levels but don't necessarily know which sauces to buy

We curate each box with a variety of handcrafted hot sauces. Most sauces are from Australia with the occasional overseas hot sauce.

Box value

  • 5 x hot sauces per box:
    • 1 x Mild
    • 1 x Medium-Hot
    • 1 x Hot
    • 1 x Extra Hot
    • 1 x Extremely Hot
  • Handcrafted artisan hot sauces. You can count on quality and amazing taste (we've tried them all!)
  • FREE delivery Australian-wide

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