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Hellfire Hot Sauce by 13 Angry Scorpions

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13 Angry Scorpions


Hellfire is our medium intensity hot sauce and it combines the flavours of the Red Habanero and Moruga Scorpion, to create an unforgettable mix of flavours from the Caribbean and Ucatan peninsula of Central America.

Heat level  Medium hot
Origin Brisbane, Queensland
Chillies used Habanero, Moruga Scorpions
Ingredients Habanero Chillies, Moruga Scorpion Chillies, Vinegar, Molasses and Sugar
Dietary information 100% natural, gluten free, vegan friendly & made by hand in small-batch in a real kitchen
  • Silver medal at the 2018 Mr Chilli Awards in the "Best of the Best Sweet Hot Sauce" category

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