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Chipotle & Stout Beer Hot Sauce by Ranch Hand Foods

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Hot Sauce

Ranch Hand Foods

Heat level: Medium Hot. 

Origin: Croydon, Victoria. 

Chipotle is the traditional, smoked version of the red jalapeno, used in Mexico through the ages. We pair our smoked chillis with a rich stout craft beer brewed in Gippsland, a dash of earthy chocolate and pressed carrot juice.

The result is warm, smoky, rich and beautifully balanced. This works on all sorts of dishes and excels on a steak, lamb or our favourite, slow smoked beef brisket.

A medium, lingering slow burn sort of heat

Carrot Juice, Vinegar, Tomato, Stout Beer, Apple, Chilli, Capsicum, Spices, Cocoa, Pink Salt, Molasses, Lemon Juice

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