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Chipotle BBQ Sauce by 13 Angry Scorpions

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13 Angry Scorpions


Chipotle BBQ with wood-smoked Red Jalapeños.

Our Chipotle BBQ is a rich and thick, dark sauce made with smoked red Jalapeños, tomato, a hint of brown sugar and 13 Angry Scorpions' own blend of spices, making it a naturally smokey sauce with a great depth of flavour that goes perfectly over all your favorite meats and a must have for all the BBQ lovers.

Heat level  Mild
Origin Brisbane, Queensland
Chillies used Red Jalapenos
Ingredients Smoked red Jalapenos, Spices, Tomato Puree, Tomato Paste, Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Onion, Lemon juice, Pink Himalayan Salt.
Dietary information

100% natural, gluten free, vegan friendly & made by hand in small-batch in a real kitchen.

  • 1st Place in the Chipotle Category - 2018 Mr Chilli Awards
  • 2nd Place in the BBQ Sauces (Mild Heat) category - 2018 Mr Chilli Awards
Serving suggestions

 Amazing with ANY meat!

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