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Almost Death Chilli Sauce by Dangermates

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A deliciously rich and potent chilli sauce which will 'almost' blow your head off, but will leave you coming back for more and more and more and more. 

Take excessive care when handling, may induce excessive eating.

Keep nearby at all times to en-heighten flavours.

Heat level  Extra hot!

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Chillies used Carolina Reapers, Trinidad Scorpions

Carolina reapers, Trinidad Scorpions, Coconut sugar, Malt Vinegar, Rock Salt

Dietary information

Vegetarian & Vegan friendly. Handmade.

Serving suggestions

Apply generously to add danger to any dish, especially bolognaise sauce, fried chicken, or on a classic Bunnings snag. 

Signature Dish: Coconut covered prawns with blood orange and Dangermates Original Sauce

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