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We are a team of Australian-based chilli aficionados with a passion for anything 'hot sauce' related! 

When it comes to chilli, most people automatically think of Central America, India or Asia. But throughout the years, we've encountered so many Australian and New Zealand homegrown chilli sauces that give you that spicy kick while being so delicious. Our geographic position - close to Asia - and growing influence from this region has allowed for increased popularity in spicy foods with an Australian twist. Lots of these sauces don't necessarily focus on the heat level, but on complex combinations of exotic flavours, from smokey chipotle BBQ sauces to mango, lime, ginger and even banana sauces!

Unfortunately many of these tasty sauces suffer from a lack of awareness.

Our mission is to give these hot sauce makers a platform designed to augment their exposure, popularity and ultimately sell more. We want to put Australia and New Zealand on the world map for chilli lovers!

Whether you are also a chilli lover, a hot sauce manufacturer or a foodie looking for something a little unique, you've come to this website because you share our passion.

If you have any question or would like to feature your sauces on House of Scoville, reach out to us!

House of Scoville is 100% Australian owned & operated.