Wiltshire Chilli Farm British Hot Sauces

Wiltshire chilli farm british hot sauces

 At The Wiltshire Chilli Farm we believe in celebrating the unique flavours of all chilli peppers, heat is simply a fun bonus! With thousands of varieties to choose from it seems crazy that most people limit themselves to just one or two, we take a selection of different peppers creating different experiences with each of our products. We cater to those that like everything from mild to wild in the chillies grown and the products crafted at our farm in the heart of the West Country.

Taste will always come before heat in our sauces, preserves and grinders but that isn’t to say that we don’t go to the extreme when required - our hottest sauces champion the chillies themselves with very few other ingredients contained within, whereas our milder products show what can be achieved when carefully balancing the fruits of our labour with other delicious ingredients. Our goal, above all others, is to encourage people to experience new sensations in their meals and explore unique ways of enjoying what they eat. Our motto of Fearless Flavour means that we will always put the flavour first!