Ol Yella's Stank Hot Sauces

Ol Yella's Stank Hot Sauces

Born out of a love of this great state of WA (its produce, the lifestyle, the coast...) and a joke over dinner while holidaying in Tassie, Ol Yella's Stank Sauce was created by founder, Lynne Loo in early 2018.

After months of side-hustling, testing, blood, sweat + tears (quite literally - accidentally flicking fresh hot sauce in your eyes is a tear-jerker), Ol Yella's Stank sauce has built a reputation across WA.

The aim is to make + share flavour-packed hot sauces that are:

  • Unique - flavour combos influenced by my South-East Asian heritage / Aussie childhood

  • Show off the best produce that WA has to offer - i.e. fresh locally-sourced chillies

  • Versatile - cook with them and use them on all kinds of cuisines from meat pies to stir fries

Their flagship product, Stank Sauce, embodies all these things. You'll get it once you taste some.

Hot Stank Sauce by Ol Yella's

$7.67 $10.95 -29%

Extra Hot Stank Sauce by Ol Yella's

$9.07 $12.95 -29%