Mocojambe Caribbean Hot Sauces

Mocojambe Caribbean Hot Sauces

In the past, tall tales were told of a spirit that would appear to lift your soul and raise your senses, the 'Mocojambe'.

Today, our Mocojambe fire sauce captures the very essence of that rich folklore in every enchanting drop. 

Our story began in Jamaica, a small island in the Caribbean and now continues to be retold on this beautiful island, Australia.

The next chapter begins with your first sensual taste.
With ingredients from Sister Nature handcrafted and mixed with love. Our tempting flavours will entice you, elevate your food and lift your sould. 

Stir it up and share Mocojambe hot sauce with your family and loved ones.

Aromatic, handcrafted and vegan. No Sugar, No Gluten. No Guilt!