Our selection of Gluten-Free Hot Chilli Sauces

If you have celiac disease or are sensitive to gluten, you must ensure that any ingredient or condiment you use in your cooking, including hot sauce, is gluten-free.

Most hot sauces will be naturally gluten-free (don't contain rye, wheat or barley) but they are a few instances where gluten can be found in your hot sauce. For example, some vinegars (typically a key ingredient in hot sauces) can be distilled from gluten grains. Some srirachas, sweet chilli sauces or Asian-style hot sauce can also contain wheat-based soy sauce. Lastly, some hot sauces can be made in kitchens where traces of gluten can be found, favouring cross-contamination.

Below is our selection of gluten-free hot sauces, based on the information provided to us by the manufacturers.

Disclaimer: We do our very best to tag products correctly but mistakes may occur or we may be given incorrect information by our providers. Therefore if you have any allergy or medical condition, House of Scoville recommends you read the label of each sauce carefully. If you are unsure about making a purchase, please contact us first. Always happy to help!

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