Introducing Diablo Sunrise, la Revolución Mexicana (made in Australia)

by House of Scoville
September 27, 2018

Diablo Mexican hot sauces

Diablo Sunrise was started in 2014 by Mike Rousseau who simply craved some good hot sauce and couldn't find something to his taste at his local shops.
Mike handcrafts his hot sauces in Sydney and has been growing in popularity, a testament of the lovely flavours his range of hot sauce has.

We've asked Mike to answer a few questions about his story, his range of sauces and what makes Diablo Sunrise a must-try hot sauce brand.


What's your story and how did you end up starting a hot sauce business?

Years ago, I was just finding two major problems that drove me to make my own sauce:

  1. There was a lack of good spicy and flavoursome sauces where I lived.
  2. They disappeared too fast!

Do you have a philosophy, a mission statement or core values that you would like to share with us?

As a qualified chef as well as hot sauce creator, I must have my sauces smooth, with a ton of flavor, and balanced heat. There are no artificial ingredients either and we use only local produce.

Do you grow your own chillies and other ingredients or source them from local providers?

They are sourced from Queensland farmers.

Tell us more about your range of sauces. 

At the moment, the Diablo Sunrise family has 4 flavours:

There are plenty of chilli products on the market. Is there something special that sets your sauce apart?

We are in love with the Mexican sauces so we built our branding around the "Day of the Dead" imagery, which ties in to our distinct Mexican flavours. We also are all preservative-free, no sugar, and strain all our sauces, which make a smoother, more palatable sauce without seeds, which act as filler.

We’d love to hear your recommendation on where and how to use your sauces – are there specific dishes to which your sauces are best suited? Can they be used during cooking and used as a dressing over say, a salad?

All of Diablo Sunrise products are well balanced, meaning you can use them on all types of food without taking over the flavour of the dish. Depending on the heat you choose, it will just enhance your dishes, without blowing your mouth out. In my house we use all 4 varieties on our food. We DO eat a lot of Mexican food. In fact, our "house" dressing is the Diablo Sunrise Verde!

Which of your sauces is your personal favourite? What about a personal favourite from another brand?

My personal favorite is the Diablo Sunrise Habanero Mango hot sauce. It has the right amount of heat, and is sweetened with 100% pure mango, and acidity of fresh lime, so it is excellent on most dishes I eat. This was the first sauce I created and was inspired by Marie Sharps Hot sauce from Belize.

Are you also a chilli lover? What’s the hottest chilli you’ve ever tried and how did you look by the end of it?

While on Vacation in Colima, Mexico, I had the unfortunate situation of having a Mexican habanero (much hotter) squirt juice directly into my eye. I was sure I was going to be blind, and was screaming in agony for about 20 min! As far as eating chilli, I'm no daredevil, so I treat them with respect. The hottest I have ever had was definitely "The Source". Up to a couple years ago it was the hottest hot sauce on earth.....7.1 million Scoville units. It was a bad idea.


Ouch! That last story would have hurt! Thanks Mike from Diablo Sunrise for answering our questions and keep on making great sauces for us to indulge in!

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