Introducing 13 Angry Scorpions - Hot Sauce that Sting!

by House of Scoville
April 13, 2018

13 Angry Scorpions is one of those sauces which you want to keep an eye on! Hand-crafted in Brisbane, they've been shaking the food markets in and around the Queensland capital, leaving bystanders with their mouths on fire and wanting for more.

Already off to a great start, their recent submissions to the Mr Chilli Awards have also won them several awards, including 1st place in the Chipotle category, 2nd place in the BBQ category, 2nd place in the Sweet Hot Sauce category and 3rd place in the 'Best of the Best' Habanero category! House of Scoville is now ready to help the rest of Australia discover what 13 Angry Scorpions is all about!

How would you sum up what your brand is all about?

13 Angry Scorpions is an award-winning artisan hot sauce company. All of our sauces are 100% natural and handmade in Brisbane. So absolutely no chemicals and definitely NO capsaicin extract!

Do you have a philosophy, a mission statement or core values that you would like to share with us?

"It’s not just about the heat!"

Do you grow your own chillies and other ingredients or source them from local providers?

We both grow and source our ingredients locally.

Tell us more about your range of sauces. 

Our sauces range from very mild to pure evil. We use Chipotle Chillies, Habanero, Moruga Scorpion, Cardi Yellow Scorpion and Carolina Reaper.

There are plenty of chilli products on the market. Is there something special that sets your sauce apart?

Our products are a breath of fresh air for hot sauce lovers, as when we develop our sauces not only do we use some of the more rare chilli peppers but our sauces retain the flavour that is unique to each particular strain.

We’d love to hear your recommendation on where and how to use your sauces – are there specific dishes to which your sauces are best suited? Can they be used during cooking and used as a dressing over say, a salad?

Our sauces are intended as ready-to-eat table sauces, they’ve been used by both every day customers and chefs alike on everything from pizza, pasta, seafood, Mexican and even in deserts.

For example, our range of sweet hot sauces go incredibly well on everything from bacon and eggs to ice cream!

Which of your sauces is your personal favourite? What about a personal favourite from another brand?

My personal favourites are Chipotle BBQ, Hellfire and Grim.

13 Angry Scorpions hot chilli sauces

Are you also a chilli lover? What’s the hottest chilli you’ve ever tried and how did you look by the end of it?

The hottest fresh chilli I’ve ever bitten into was a Moruga Scorpion and I looked a mess by the end.


Thanks Patrick from 13 Angry Scorpions for sharing your story with everyone!


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