Hottest Chilli Challenges around the world

by House of Scoville
January 23, 2017

Chilli challenges: if you haven’t tried it at home, you’ve at least watched one on Youtube or heard about one from a friend. Whether it’s gulping down as many chillies as possible or enduring the burn to exceed all expectations, we continue to subject ourselves to this madness! Why do people do this to themselves? What is it about eating the hottest thing you can find and suffering for hours afterwards that makes this a good idea? And yet the internet is absolutely saturated with chilli challenges of all kinds – and as any chilli lover would know, there’s a certain amount of joy to be found in conquering the chilli pepper, even if you’re only spectator to someone else’s victory! 

For your entertainment, I’ve sifted through many a chilli challenge on Youtube to bring you the best of the best that I could find! So without further ado, my vote for the Top 5 Chilli Challenges on Youtube (in no specific order) are:


  • Carolina Reaper Chilli Chicken Wing Challenge in Australia


    Location: Memphis BBQ, Penrith, Australia

    The Challenge: Two Youtubers go head-to-head eating chilli chicken wings doused with Carolina Reaper Chilli sauce

    Summary: Australian Youtuber Cas (from Youtube channel “In the trenches with Cas”) gets together with another Youtuber (channel Scarr Tv) for the ultimate face-off: who will give up first in the great chilli chicken wing challenge?

    Cas was well armed for his painful experience, bringing along a whole bottle of milk but by some beyond-human strength made it through the challenge with absolute minimal drinking. In a very embarrassing display of chilli cowardice, Scarr admits defeat after just one bite and following much squirming and more embarrassment, he soon realizes that he is not the chilli challenger he thought he was. Watch these two guys suffer through just a few bites of these innocent-looking chicken wings that remain a great challenge for any diner. So small yet so potent!   

    Memorable moments:  

    Cas comments “it’s like a marriage, at first it tastes good and then the honeymoon is over... and the tears follow” 5:29

    it’s like the chicken is trying to get away from the sauce” 6:52

    Viewer discretion advised: Yes – some swearing and don’t stay for the part about the aftermath unless you have a strong stomach – pretty nasty stuff!


  • Crazy Ice Bucket/Chili Pepper Challenge in China
  • URL:

    Location: Hangzhou, China

    The Challenge: Round 1 consists of eating a chilli ice lolly while round 2 involves chowing through a basket of red chillies – all while sitting in a barrel filled with ice and having more ice showered over you continuously!

    Summary: An absolutely bizarre challenge! A bunch of Chinese folk gather to sit in ice buckets while ice gets thrown over them from above while they sit in barrels and battle through a bucket of chilli peppers. Where do you even begin to make sense of this one? All that heat clashing with all that ice... imagine a sweating toothache, a hypothermic hot burn, a chilli brainfreeze! And that all to win a 24 carat gold bar. The verdict is up to you – how far would you go for a gold bar and could it possibly top this extreme challenge?

    Memorable moments:

    The part where they zoom in on the lady who is in sheer cold/hot agony.

    Viewer discretion advised: No - no swearing or sensitive images

  • China Challenge: Eat 'World's Spiciest' Rice Noodles
  • URL:

    Location: Beijing, China

    The Challenge: Finish a bowl of piping hot (and I mean spicy!) noodles in under 10 minutes. And without drinking anything of course.

    Summary: A very controversial claim to be the spiciest noodles in the world with sauce at 200,000 Scoville units. According to the many commenters on this video, there are much hotter sauces out there and I’m sure many of our hotheads will agree. But we are here to enjoy chilli challenge Youtube videos  indiscriminately so I’m adding this one to the list because it’s oddly humorous and our Chinese chilli challenge compatriot shares a great truth that just spurs on any true chilli lover: “I wouldn’t recommend doing this challenge” . Watch this man take on his noodles with gusto, sweat profusely, pause for some air and RIGHT after eating run for the bathroom – all to win an esteemed t-shirt and unwanted lifetime 10% discount at this noodle bar.

    Viewer discretion advised: No

  • World’s Hottest Pepper Challenge - Carolina Reaper
  • URL:

    Location: United States

    The Challenge: Eat a Carolina Reaper chilli without drinking water (or anything else) for 10 minutes afterwards

    Summary:  The guys of the very popular Youtube channel Good Mythical Morning sit down for a chilli challenge, and this time it’s the Carolina Reaper chilli that must be overcome. In a previous episode the ghost pepper chilli was taken on but this is a step-up. The reaper causes so much hiccupping, so much pain and even makes them question their own existence. From the first bite there’s plenty of dancing around, punching the walls, retching, tears, anger and even moral decline! What more does a proper chilli challenge need? Great spectator value here!

    Memorable moments:

    this thing looks like the heart of satan himself” 3:05

    I don’t know what’s inside these besides a torture chamber” 4:15

    Viewer discretion advised: Yes - some retching

  • World Record Woman Rubs Chilli in Eyes - Gordon Ramsay  
  • URL:

    Location: India

    The Challenge: Try to beat the world record for eating the most chillies in a certain amount of time. And when this fails, try to beat the world record for rubbing the most chillies in your eyes in a certain amount of time.

    Summary:  Gordon Ramsey visits a local Indian auditorium where history is in the making – a woman is attempting to eat the most chillies in 2 minutes to win a Guinness World Record. She only managed to eat 49 which was surprisingly not enough to beat the record. She then resorts to attempting the record of rubbing the most chillies in her eyes in 2 minutes. What’s a lady got to do around here to get a world record anyways? Watch and see if she manages to achieve her dream of having the world’s hottest eyes!

    Memorable moments:

    Gordon Ramsey “she’s off her trolley! A confirmed nut” 2:26

    Viewer discretion advised: None

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