Start Your Day Off Hot With Chilli Peppers for Breakfast

by House of Scoville
August 31, 2017

Hot chillis? For breakfast? Are you crazy?

You might be asking those questions, but as far as we’re concerned, if you’re not considering having chilli peppers in your morning meal, then you’re crazy. Of course, not everyone can handle chomping them by the handful - that’s why we’ve put this little guide together.

Spicy Omelette

But why on Earth would I want spicy food in the morning?

Well, aside from it being a fantastic way to wake up your tongue and broaden your flavour palate, chilli peppers actually provide a whomping number of benefits that can make your day way better. These include:

  • A boost to your metabolism. Eating chilli peppers in the morning gets your metabolism kicked up a notch, so you’ll be able to better digest whatever else you have in your morning meal. A speedy metabolism means you might get hungry quicker, though - so pack a chilli-laden snack with you in addition to any lunches you have packed for work or school.
  • You can skip your coffee. chilli peppers promote the release of several neurotransmitters, most prominently adrenaline. Adrenaline’s the chemical that gives us that ‘kick’ that energizes us during serious situations. Of course, a spicy omelette won’t make you feel the same way that you would being chased by a tiger, but it’s often enough to crack open some groggy eyes.
  • They’ll set you in a good mood. chilli peppers also stimulate the release of endorphins, which are ‘happy chemicals’ that our brain releases during pleasurable or rewarding moments in life.

Aha - now you’re a bit more enticed, aren’t you? Chances are, if you’re reading this, the idea of a hot & spicy breakfast meal is still a new concept. We’ve put together some simple suggestions for you to include hot chillis in your breakfast meals.

1. Put ‘em with your eggs

An omelette with grilled veggies is an iconic part of a healthy, protein-rich breakfast. Sprinkle some hot sauce or throw a couple chopped up chilli peppers or jalapenos in with your vegetables while they’re grilling for an extra kick.

You can also sprinkle scrambled eggs or fried eggs with cayenne pepper instead of black pepper. Better yet, use both!

2. Put ‘em in your cereal

Ha - just kidding. However, it’s a good idea to keep a bowl of cereal with milk on hand if you’re trying this out for your first time. Milk contains casein, which is the compound responsible for milk’s ability to nullify the effects of spicy food.

3. Make some spicy sandwiches

While most people can’t handle the burn from garnishing a sandwich with straight up sliced chilli peppers, sprinkling your sandwich with cayenne can enhance the flavour a lot. You could also consider mixing something hot into your condiments - for example, if you’re making a sandwich with mayo & mustard, you could mix both condiments in a small dish with some cayenne before spreading it on the bread.

4. Have a morning Caesar

Unless you have to drive to work - then skip the vodka. You can still have a delicious, spicy, tomato-juice based drink with your breakfast. Tomato juice complements omelettes perfectly and gives you an extra boost of vitamins and minerals to help you through your day.

5. Heat up your meats

A lot of breakfast meats go great with a bit of spice. If you’re crafty, you can cut open sausages lengthwise, prior to cooking them, and stuff some hot chillis inside. Close ‘em back up and cook them normally. Also, chopping a habanero very finely and tossing it in with bacon as you fry it in the pan creates a very sweet, spicy mixture of flavour. (Make sure you keep your oven fan on, or leave a window open. I had to evacuate my house once due to careless cooking of habanero bacon.)

6. Pair with something sweet

A lot of breakfast foods are sweet - cereal (hot, including oatmeal, or cold breakfast cereals,) pancakes, other grain-based breakfast foods - or just simply don’t mix well with spice. Adding cinnamon to a sweet breakfast cereal, or mixing some nutmeg in with your pancake mix, will create a blend of flavours that will pair nicely with something spicy.

To wrap it all up

If you haven’t had a spicy meal for breakfast before, then there’s a whole realm of culinary excellence that you’ve been missing out on. Not only can a spicy breakfast boost your health, but it can also get rid of your need for coffee - which, in itself, can cause further health problems.

We’ll advocate making any meal spicy, but when it really boils down to it, heating up your breakfast is one of the best moves you can make. Happy spicing!

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