Do you live longer if you eat spicy food?

by House of Scoville
November 12, 2018

Since the dawn of humanity, we've been looking for the Elixir of Immortality and while hot sauce is not (yet!) proven to make you live forever, it certainly has some health benefits that cannot be ignored.

So, will spicy food or hot sauce help you live longer?

The short answer is yet, maybe!
Your life expectancy will depend on so many factors that it cannot be attributed to this one element. However, the consumption of spicy food or adding hot sauce to every single dish (within reason) can help you enjoy a healthier life.

Hot sauce are stuffed with vitamins (A, B6, C, K1) as well as potassium which are all known to benefit your health.

People suffering from bad blood circulation, asthma, digestive issues or even high cholesterol can all see health improvements from consuming hot sauce.

In fact, chilli peppers are already used in medicinal treatments to treat issues with ulcers, lungs and colon cancer, and can be applied as anti-inflammatory and topical anaesthetic.

To better understand this, researchers have surveyed a segment of the population between 1988 and 1994 and found that there may be a correlation between hot sauce (or chilli) consumption and mortality rates, with a noticeable 13% reduction in "instantaneous hazard of death" observed in the population eating hot sauce. This is not proof that hot sauce helps you live longer, but this may be the clue to a yet-to-be-found discovery.

So, what's the harm in heating up your next meal!

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